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Silent Sounds Communications

High Wycombe, HP13 5RE


Silent Sounds is a private organisation based in London and in High Wycombe, Bucks. Since 1998 we havebeen committed to providing the best service possible to the Deaf and Hearing Impairedcommunity.

We are passionate about promoting deaf awareness and continually strive to ensure that Deaf and hearing impaired people have access to the services they require. We work in a wide variety of sectors, including NHS trusts, GP Surgeries and Hospitals, Schools and Colleges, Charities, Local Authorities,the Metropolitan Police and other Police forces, Religious Ceremonies, JobCentres and Corporate Events. There are approximately 9 million deaf people inthe UK using various different forms of communication, and we are focussed on providing a wide range of Deaf communication services, including British Sign Language, Deaf Relay, Sign Supported English (SSE), Lip-speaking and Note-taking. We are also able to provide Irish Sign Language, American Sign Language, Farsi Sign Language and Deaf-blind Manual interpreting when required.


Around 70,000 people in the country use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first or preferred language. It is a rich and complex visual language with its own grammar and idioms and is quite different from spoken languages. BSL uses precise hand-shapes, lip movements, facial expression, gestures and body movement to convey meaning. Sign language interpreters pass messages from deaf BSL users to English and vice versa. They have to listen to, or watch the message, extract the meaning and then find the appropriate way to express the message in the other language.

We have a dedicated team of professional BSL or British Sign Language/ English interpreters registered with us, who are experienced in working with the Deaf Community and hold different levels of qualifications. These are JTI (Junior Trainee Interpreter), TI (Trainee Interpreter) & MRSLI (Member of the Register of Sign Language Interpreters). A number of our interpreters also have family members who are deaf or hearing impaired.

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